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Zirconia Fused Alumina

Product Raw Material:Al₂O₃ ; ZrO₂

Application Area:Refractory Abrasives

Zirconia Fused Alumina


Zirconia Fused Alumina is a kind of corundum containing 10% - 40% zirconia (ZrO2), which is made of alumina and zirconia by smelting at high temperature over 2000 ℃.


Zircon corundum is tough, dense in structure, high in strength and good in thermal stability, generally grayish brown. 


The main mineral phase of zircon corundum is eutectic formed by a-Al2O3 and Al2O3-ZrO2, the secondary phase is zircon, and there is a small amount of glass phase. According to the content of ZrO2, 25% ZrO2 and 40% ZrO2 are common corundum.


Product model and application of zirconium corundum 

Zirconia corundum is a kind of high-grade refractory raw material. It is an ideal material for making high-performance sliding nozzle and immersion nozzle. It can also be used for making zirconia corundum brick for glass furnace and high-grade building materials. 


Zirconia fused alumina physical properties

As a high-grade abrasive, zircon corundum has a good resistance to melt erosion. It has a good grinding effect on steel, cast iron, heat-resistant steel and various alloy materials. It can be used to make high-performance heavy load zircon corundum grinding wheel, rough grinding, cutting piece, track grinding, high-speed abrasive belt, etc.


Zirconium corundum powder is mainly used for making grinding paste, polishing wax, abrasive cloth, sandpaper, etc.


Zirconia fused alumina chemical