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Ceramic Sand

Product Raw Material:Al₂O₃+SiO2+Fe2O3

Application Area:Foundry Refractory


Ceramic Sand is made of high quality bauxite by electrofusion, granulation, sieving and other processes.


Product features:


1. The particles are spherical in behavior, with good fluidity and easy to fill; the surface is smooth, compact in structure, small in surface area, less in consumption of bonding dose and curing agent, and have high compactness. The metal liquid is not suitable for infiltration, which can prevent mechanical penetration and sand sticking.


2. It is a neutral material with high fire resistance and high temperature chemical stability. It is not easy to be eroded by metal compounds and can prevent chemical sand sticking.


3. The small thermal expansion rate can effectively prevent the gradual expansion defects.


4. It has good crushing resistance, is not easy to produce dust, is conducive to environmental protection, and has good recycling performance, can reduce costs and save resources.


Main chemical indexes of Baozhu sand


Main physical indexes of Baozhu sand


Main application scope of Baozhu sand


1. Shell molding -- can replace silica sand


2. Precision casting


3. Lost foam casting -- can replace silica sand


4. Heavy steel casting -- can replace chromite sand


5. Resin coated sand casting -- alternative silicon


6. V-casting -- can replace silica sand


7.Investment casting --- it can replace zirconium sand and zirconium sand powder


Application of Baozhu sand in other fields


1. Ladle drainage agent (instead of chromite sand) - high casting rate, small specific gravity and low thermal expansion rate


2. Alloy surface treatment (instead of glass bead) - moderate hardness, good wear resistance and stable chemical composition


3. Refractory coating (instead of zirconium powder or bauxite powder) - high fire resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, good air permeability and low cost.