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Brown corundum and white corundum are both common abrasives on the market. Today, we will mainly introduce the production process of washed brown corundum; Water washed brown corundum refers to the product obtained by removing ash and impurities from brown corundum with water, which is higher in purity than ordinary brown corundum products. Let's take a look at the production process of water washed brown corundum.

1. Soak the brown alumina that needs to be washed in a certain aqueous solution

2. Soak for several hours after heating to 60 to 70 degrees Celsius

3. Clean the brown alumina abrasive with water several times

4. The washed brown corundum enters the overflow classification and is then placed in the settling tank

5. Brown corundum is discharged from the tank and placed in a drying container for drying

6. After passing through the screening machine to screen out the particle size required by the customer, proceed with packaging processing

The washed brown corundum produced through the above production process has the characteristics of low expansion coefficient, good hydrophilicity, and high toughness. It is a brown corundum product that can meet customers' requirements for low dust, less impurities, and low carbon.

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