Characteristics of Dust Removal System for Brown Corundum Sand Smelting Furnace

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We all know that the smelting process of brown corundum sand is divided into two production methods: fixed furnace and dump furnace. The performance of brown corundum abrasives produced by these two production methods varies. How to clean the furnace after production? Next, we will introduce the characteristics of the dust removal system for the brown corundum sand smelting furnace.


Characteristics of dust removal system for brown alumina smelting furnace:

1. Adopting a large filtration area reduces the filtration speed of the filter material. It reduces the wear and tear of the filter material caused by wind dust, greatly improves the service life of the filter material, and reduces operating costs.

Characteristics of Dust Removal System for Brown Corundum Sand Smelting Furnace

2. By adopting multi-level cooling technology, the flue gas temperature is effectively controlled, avoiding the process of adding a large amount of supplementary cold air and adding forced cooling equipment due to high flue gas temperature. This saves the investment of diamond equipment, reduces the pressure and equipment wear caused by forced cold air on the system, reduces energy consumption, reduces equipment load, and has a dual effect of saving energy and reducing equipment investment.

3. Added automatic shutdown and emergency discharge devices for equipment emergencies, effectively ensuring the operational safety of the equipment.

4. Adopting frequency conversion technology and PLC control system based on the process characteristics of brown corundum abrasive smelting, the power is automatically adjusted according to different process characteristics during the smelting process, saving unnecessary energy consumption.

5. The use of polyurethane filtering material has avoided the phenomenon of blockage or even paralysis of the dust removal system caused by complex conditions such as cooling condensation, dust viscosity, and humid working environment during the brown corundum smelting process. The implementation and improvement of this technology have made a qualitative leap in the dust removal technology of high-temperature smelting furnaces.


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